Blackfish Sound

Blackfish Sound is the culmination of the years of experience of Michael Frost and Michael Foster. In 2007 we incorporated and started this adventure. The name, Blackfish Sound, comes from Michael Frost’s experiences on the waters off of British Columbia’s rich coastline and conjures images of Orcas. Blackfish Sound held a place in Michael’s heart, and sound is a homophone that describes Michael’s other love, sound.

Michael Frost and Michael Foster have turned their love and passion for music and sound into the recording services company Blackfish Sound. Other ventures have taken Michael Frost away from the helm, but Michael Foster has continued the legacy that we started together.

The passion for music and sound is evidenced in Blackfish Sounds rich and diverse portfolio. We have always put the project and artist first. The ultimate goal is to help the artist achieve their creative vision. We bring knowledge, passion, experience, and equipment to make any sound project the absolute best that it can be and help you achieve your potential.

Michael Foster

Owner + Founder 

Michael Foster has a long and diverse résumé including world-class classical musicians, and pop musicians of all genres including (but not limited to) country, folk, hip-hop, rock, reggae, noise, electronic music and jazz.

With an intimate knowledge of sound mediums, not only is he a recordist, artist, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, and producer; he also teaches recording arts. His wealth of knowledge of all things sound gives him the ability to evaluate, and determine the best means for achieving many possible outcomes for sound production ultimately giving him the skill set to produce the highest quality recordings. 

The Process

Getting your creative vision from dream to reality is what we love to do. The process to get started with Blackfish Sound varies depending on each unique project.


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Describe to us what you are looking for by visiting our contact page and filling out the form or contacting us directly. 

Special Requirements?

Please make note of these points when reaching out; be it budget, time considerations, instrumentation, acquiring talent, or any other needs. We can accommodate almost any audio requirements

Meet and discuss

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