With over 15 years of experience in Vancouver. Offering recording services, mixing, mastering, and studio rentals

What we do?

From recording bed tracks to overdubs and mixing music, dialog editing to sound effects creation and Re-recording for audio post production.

Blackfish Sound brings 15 years experience, creative talent and technical expertise of freelance Recording, Sound Design to all types of projects.

Music Production

Turning creative vision into Reality. 
We work hard to insure that every artist achieves their unique vision and capture their best performances.

Multiformat Mastering

Catering to urgent deadlines! knowledgable in industry workflow and deadlines. Film, TV, Animations? Dialog editing, we got you Vancouver!

Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)

Catering to urgent deadlines!
Great sound, great sync. Fast and professional. Your talent will be treated right and the product will be delivered on time.  Familiar with industry workflows for film, TV, and other media.

Optimize audio for Web

Working on an app? Blackfish Sound can help convert high quality audio into small file sizes for apps and streaming. 

On-location audio engineering

Audio Expertise for Events. Set up and Recording for lectures, talks, guest speakers and events to preserve the moment in archival quality copies. 

The list goes on!

Got something else in mind? If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to see how we can assist with your project.

Who we have worked with

Blackfish Sound has all industries covered – from corporate events, guest speakers and live performances, to acoustic guitar, experimental choirs and the huge concept album undertakings.

With a wide range of projects we have worked with some diverse and exciting clients.  

A CreativeBC grant eligible recording studio

We will work with artists to secure funding for your projects. We are a Creative BC approved recording facility, and can also help to secure funding through FACTOR grants and other sources. 

Our mission is to encourage and foster artist development, and to strengthen the independent music and visual media communities by offering professional audio services at affordable rates. First and foremost we work with people to help them achieve their artistic goals.

Affordable Expertise for your project


Have a project in mind? Regardless if it’s ready to go or still being planned, Blackfish Sound offers high quality expertise for all budgets and needs. 

Connect with us!

For all quotes, booking, rental, and general inquiries please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.  

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